Our Impact

The All Angels Foundation strives to make a difference in this world by funding initiatives that impact our community, the community of Saint Michael & All Angels Episcopal Church and the Christian Faith. Some recent projects the All Angels Foundation has supported include:


Project Moses

Project Moses is a mission founded by SMAA parishioners to highlight the truths of human trafficking and share the Light of Christ with its survivors. This ministry focuses on the scourge of human trafficking in our community through education and awareness, advocacy with legislators and law enforcement, and partnerships with many agencies working on the rights and rehabilitation of the many victims of this crime.

Our Act of Love

All Angels Foundation was proud to underwrite Project Moses’ Fighting For Freedom: Understanding Sex Trafficking symposium held January, 2022. The event featured national experts who are helping to stop human trafficking by bringing awareness to communities across the US.

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Love Is the Way

Inspired by Presiding Bishop Michael Curry’s book Love is the Way: Holding on to Hope in Troubling Times, Grace Bay Films embarked on creating a film documentary titled “A Case for Love” featuring Bishop Curry’s message of unselfish love.

The epicenter of the documentary is to ask ourselves what is unconditional, unselfish, sacrificial love.  To answer this Gray Bay Films went across the country to various people and communities.  They asked and then they listened.  The results are inspiring and empowering. And it is a message that everyone needs to hear so we can better use the power of love to make this world a better place.

Our Act of Love

The All Angels Foundation felt this was a message that needed to be heard and helped fund the project as the executive producer of the film. To learn more about the film, check out A Case for Love by Grace Bay Films. The film is expected to premier in 2022.


Love Is the Way

Whenever anyone is baptized at Saint Michael & All Angels Episcopal Church, the priest uses a silver shell to pour the water from the baptismal font onto the newly baptized parishioner.  And each parishioner gets to keep the shell as a gift of the special moment in their life.

Our Act of Love

A parishioner created an endowed fund with the All Angels Foundation to support the funding for the baptismal shells and allow the church to carry this tradition into the future.  Sometimes it is the little things and this little gift of a silver shell can mean so much to someone as a token of this cherished occasion where they were baptized in the name of Christ.