Our Impact

The All Angels Foundation is dedicated to creating a positive impact on our community, the community of Saint Michael & All Angels Episcopal Church, and the Christian faith as a whole. Guided by our pillars of Empowering Acts of Love, Healing Acts of Love, and Elevating Acts of Love,  we have supported various projects that align with our mission. Here are some recent initiatives that the All Angels Foundation has proudly funded:


Empowering Acts of Love

The Foundation supports organizations tackling food insecurity, fostering community gardens, bridging technology gaps, offering job assistance, and providing vital support during times of disaster.  

Funding Repairs for Classrooms

Literacy Achieves

Literacy Achieves equips non-English speaking adults and their young children with English literacy and life skills to promote self-sufficiency and the overall well-being of our students, their families and the greater community. Founded as Vickery Meadow Learning Center in 1997 to address the critical need for English Language instruction for non-English speaking adults in Vickery Meadow, an ethnically diverse, low-income Dallas neighborhood. Since then, we have experienced tremendous growth with Literacy Achieves now serving 1,200 adults and 330 young children annually at campuses in Vickery Meadow, West Dallas and East Dallas. All programs are provided at no cost to our students.

Our Act of Love

The Foundation was able to fund an urgent request to fund necessary building repairs at the Vickery Meadow campus. The Early Childhood Education Program suffered extensive damage from a burst pipe after the December 2022 freeze, rendering the building unusable. Literacy Achieves provides literacy classes, childcare, school readiness, job attainment and advancement to the immigrant and refugee population.

“…We are ecstatic to have your support of the renovation of the Children’s Building. This timely gift will go a long way toward making us whole.” – Tracey Love – Director of Development

Literary Achieves Logo
Elevate North Texas
Providing Extended Stay Solutions for Homeless Youth

Elevate North Texas

Elevate North Texas’ mission is to fill in the gap of youth homelessness with emergency shelter. We provide a safe, affirming environment through access to immediate shelter and reunification with family, when possible.

Our Act of Love

The All Angels Foundation supports the Hotel Voucher Emergency Shelter program at Elevate North Texas. The program programs partners with hotels in DFW to provide extended stay rooms for homeless youth between the ages of 18-24.

“…We were able to help 54 youth. 16 through immediate shelter and 38 through our Reunification/Diversion Program. We have your foundation to thank for that so, thank you for believing in our mission enough to help us get started.” – Jason Vallejo. Founder & Executive Director

Empowering Homeless with Vital Documents

The Stewpot

The Stewpot offers a safe haven for homeless and at-risk individuals of Dallas, providing resources for basic survival needs, as well as opportunities to start a new life.

Our Act of Love

The Foundation awarded a grant to the Stewpot to support its ID program to ensure clients experiencing homelessness can move forward to start a new life. The Stewpot is the primary organization in Dallas assisting individuals in getting vital documents, such as birth certificates and Texas ID’s, which are critical for obtaining housing and employment. To date, they have recovered over 5,200 documents a year.

“We are incredibly grateful to All Angels Foundation for supporting The Stewpot’s ID Services for those experiencing homelessness. The Stewpot is the primary organization in Dallas assisting individuals in getting vital documents, such as birth certificates and Texas ID’s, which are critical for obtaining housing and employment. All Angels is helping us recover over 5,200 documents a year.” – Brenda Snitzer, Executive Director

Enabling Mothers to Advocate for Children's Rehabilitation

Jerusalem Princess Basma Centre

The Jerusalem Princess Basma Centre (JPBC) is located on Jerusalem’s Mount of Olives, and operates under the umbrella of the Arab Anglican Episcopal Church in Jerusalem and the Middle East, under the supervision of the Archbishop and Chairman. It works in the fields of Health, Disability and Inclusive Education. Serving children since 1964, works for the integration and empowerment of children with disabilities and their families in their communities by providing rehabilitation services, inclusive education, through the development and dissemination of best practices, and influencing policy and legislation.

Our Act of Love

The Anglican Communion Compass Rose Society received a grant from the Foundation for the Mother and Family Empowerment Program for Jerusalem Princess Basma Centre. The program empowers Palestinian mothers of children with disabilities training to advocate for their children’s rehabilitation and support. A comprehensive residential rehabilitation program is provided for children with disabilities, while parents join a 2-3 week Empowerment Program. This program equips parents with therapy skills, offers psycho-social support, and raises awareness through workshops. Due to increased demand, the program aims to enroll 25% more families, admitting 55 mothers in 2023.designated specifically towards the Mother and Family Empowerment Program.

 “…a heartfelt thank you on behalf of the children and families here for supporting us …The path is long and exhausting for Palestinian families raising children with disabilities, where there is much cultural stigma. But here, in addition to expert medical intervention, we provide a welcome, psychosocial support and training, so that parents leave us more confident and empowered to advocate for their child in their community.” – Violette Mubarak, General Director

Healing Acts of Love

The Foundation actively engages in initiatives that foster reconciliation, interfaith dialogue, and youth empowerment, with the goal of creating scalable models that bring about positive and lasting change in communities.

Healing Acts of Love:
Empowering Women Leaders of Tomorrow

Tomorrow’s Women

Tomorrow’s Women trains young women from Palestine, Israel, and the United States to be strong, compassionate leaders who partner to resolve conflicts and inspire action that promotes equality, peace, and justice for all.

Our Act of Love

The Foundation supports Tomorrow’s Women Dialogue Facilitator in Training Certificate Program. This supports their alumnae and other female activists with advanced leadership training, peacemaking opportunities while increasing their employment prospects. The participants will receive comprehensive training culminating with an official college-certified certificate and then are matched with mentors and then placed in schools, organizations, and community groups in need of dialogue support to practice and hone their skills with mentorship throughout. This program is held in partnership with Oranim College.

“…25 Jewish Israelis, Arab Israelis and Palestinians from the West Bank participated in the program and through their practicums, these courageous young women reached 200 individuals in their communities for rich dialogue in various gatherings.” – Ghida Sinno – Development Director

Healing Acts of Love:

A Case For Love

Inspired by Presiding Bishop Michael Curry’s book Love is the Way: Holding on to Hope in Troubling Times, Grace-Based Films embarked on creating a film documentary titled “A Case for Love” featuring Bishop Curry’s message of unselfish love.

The epicenter of the documentary is to ask ourselves what is unconditional, unselfish, sacrificial love.  To answer this Grace-Based Films went across the country to various people and communities.  They asked and then they listened.  The results are inspiring and empowering. And it is a message that everyone needs to hear so we can better use the power of love to make this world a better place.

Our Act of Love

The All Angels Foundation felt this was a message that needed to be heard and helped fund the project as the executive producer of the film. To learn more about the film, check out A Case for Love by Grace-Based Films. The film is expected to premier in 2022.

Elevating Acts of Love

Through the collaboration of the All Angels Foundation and the Saint Michael & All Angels Episcopal Church, we have established a grants program to elevate the mission of the Church and its affiliated outreach initiatives. These grants provide crucial resources and support to projects proposed by the Church’s clergy, staff, and Vestry allowing us to expand outreach efforts and fund essential programs. Recent gifts include:

Elevating Acts of Love:

Project Moses

Project Moses is a mission founded by SMAA parishioners to highlight the truths of human trafficking and share the Light of Christ with its survivors. This ministry focuses on the scourge of human trafficking in our community through education and awareness, advocacy with legislators and law enforcement, and partnerships with many agencies working on the rights and rehabilitation of the many victims of this crime.

Our Act of Love

All Angels Foundation was proud to underwrite Project Moses’ Fighting For Freedom: Understanding Sex Trafficking symposium held January, 2022. The event featured national experts who are helping to stop human trafficking by bringing awareness to communities across the US.

Elevating Acts of Love:

SMAA Baptismal Shells

Whenever anyone is baptized at Saint Michael & All Angels Episcopal Church, the priest uses a silver shell to pour the water from the baptismal font onto the newly baptized parishioner.  And each parishioner gets to keep the shell as a gift of the special moment in their life.

Our Act of Love

A parishioner created an endowed fund with the All Angels Foundation to support the funding for the baptismal shells and allow the church to carry this tradition into the future.  Sometimes it is the little things and this little gift of a silver shell can mean so much to someone as a token of this cherished occasion where they were baptized in the name of Christ.