All Angels Society

In commemoration of the generous gifts given through bequests and estate planning, the All Angels Foundation proudly presents the All Angels Society. This esteemed society is dedicated to recognizing those who have remembered Saint Michael & All Angels Episcopal Church or All Angels Foundation in their wills, allowing their legacies to live on through the mission of our church. As faithful stewards of God’s blessings, we strive to build upon the solid foundation laid by those who came before us, ensuring a future brimming with hope and vitality.

Membership in the All Angels Society is extended to anyone who has included Saint Michael & All Angels Episcopal Church or All Angels Foundation in their will. By doing so, you become part of a profound legacy, embracing the opportunity to sustain and enhance our ministries and programs for the benefit of generations to come.

All Angels Foundation diligently employs gifts made through wills, trusts, insurance policies, retirement plans, and other forms of planned giving to advance the mission of our church. Each bequest, whether a specific dollar amount, a percentage of your assets, or the residual estate, represents a powerful testament of faith and gratitude, leaving an indelible mark on the journey of our community.

To join the esteemed ranks of the All Angels Society, we invite you to complete an inquiry form, allowing us the privilege of engaging in meaningful conversations with you. Should you desire more information on how to include Saint Michael & All Angels Episcopal Church, Dallas or All Angels Foundation in your estate planning, we are honored to provide assistance to both you and your trusted advisors. Together, we can explore the various ways to share your unique legacy and perpetuate the values that are close to your heart.

For inquiries and further assistance, we kindly ask you to reach out to Caroline Moore at (214) 363-5471 or who will be delighted to guide you through the process. Embrace the opportunity to leave an enduring mark on the future of our parish and join us in shaping the destinies of countless lives through the All Angels Society.