Transforming Lives Through
Acts of Love

At All Angels Foundation our mission is to make lasting, transformative changes to people’s lives. Every day, we actively pursue and work to provide help to those who need it most. Our focus is on empowering, enhancing, and enriching our communities through discipleship, sustainability, and healing.

Historical support for the All Angels Foundation has been granted to:

  • The Jubilee Park neighborhood revitalization project which has been recognized throughout Dallas and the national Episcopal Church
  • Saint Michael’s Farmers Market, a community outreach ministry
  • A new playground ground facility, enhancing the offerings of the Saint Michael Preschool and the Children and Family Ministry
  • Financing for the Saint Michael Courtyard Columbarium

All Angels Foundation, formerly, the Saint Michael and All Angels Foundation of Dallas, is a separately chartered 501(c)(3) non-profit organization governed by Board of Trustees elected by Saint Michael & All Angels Episcopal Church.

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