Transforming Lives
Through Acts of Love

The All Angels Foundation, the charitable arm of Saint Michael and All Angels Episcopal Church, is dedicated to illuminating the world with love and bringing about transformative changes in people’s lives. We believe that love is not just a feeling, but a powerful force that drives us to take positive actions and make a difference in the lives of others. As stewards of our faith, we are committed to serving our communities and spreading love through meaningful and impactful acts.

Our foundation is built upon three pillars: Elevating Acts of Love, Empowering Acts of Love, and Healing Acts of Love. These pillars guide our endeavors as we seek to uplift, empower, and bring healing to those in need.

Acts of Love

We understand that when someone is hurting, we can be there to extend a helping hand and support them on their journey towards healing. Through our Healing Acts of Love, we actively engage in initiatives that foster reconciliation, interfaith dialogue, and youth empowerment, with the goal of creating scalable models that bring about positive and lasting change in communities throughout North Texas.

Acts of Love

We recognize the challenges faced by individuals and families in our community in their everyday lives. We are driven by a strong commitment to provide sustenance to those in need and empower them with essential life skills. Through our various initiatives, we are tackling food insecurity, fostering community gardens, bridging technology gaps, offering job assistance, and providing vital support during times of disaster.

Acts of Love

Through the collaboration of the All Angels Foundation and the Saint Michael & All Angels Episcopal Church, we have established a grants program to elevate the mission of the Church and its affiliated outreach initiatives. These grants provide crucial resources and support to projects proposed by the Church’s clergy, staff, and Vestry allowing us to expand outreach efforts and fund essential programs.


Our Impact

Since 1953, All Angels Foundation has committed to becoming a growing force for good in our community.



Meet the dedicated volunteers who make the All Angels Foundation what it is, what it can be and what it will be. It is their unyielding love and commitment that has allowed us to do important work in the community, helping to improve the lives of those who need it most.


Contribute to Loving
Our Communities

Your generosity supports outreach initiatives and transforms lives. To learn more about how to entrust your corporate funds, family estates or other large gifts, contact Caroline Moore at (214) 363-5471 or