Our Mission

At All Angels Foundation our mission is to make lasting, transformative changes to people’s lives. Every day, we actively pursue and work to provide help to those who need it most. Our focus is on empowering, enhancing, and enriching our communities through discipleship, sustainability, and healing.

How Are We Transforming Lives?

Acts of love come in all shapes and sizes, but they are all acts – positive actions done by more than one person to help as many people as possible in our communities. Beyond kindness, acceptance and caring, as stewards of our faith, we believe love is a verb.

  • The Jubilee Park neighborhood revitalization project which has been recognized throughout Dallas and the national Episcopal Church
  • Elevate North Texas, bridging the gap of youth homelessness and emergency shelter in North Texas
  • St. Phillip’s School and Community Center, educating youth in Southern Dallas and the DFW Metroplex
  • Project Moses, supporting victims of sex-trafficking

Enriching Communities Through Acts of Love

The three pillars of The All Angels Foundation represent our focuses for giving back to the community and making a difference. Those pillars are Elevating Acts of Love, Empowering Acts of Love, and Healing Acts of Love.

Acts of Love

Saint Michael & All Angels Episcopal Church diligently works to empower, enrich, and  enhance the lives of others, especially the Dallas-Fort Worth communities. Contributions,  beyond…

Acts of Love

At All Angels Foundation, we understand the struggles of everyday life within our community, and we feel strongly to offer sustenance to those in need and help develop life skills. We’re tackling…

Acts of Love

All Angels celebrates and honors the uniqueness of all people and, when someone is hurting, we work to help them heal. By supporting reconciliation initiatives, interfaith and youth dialogues and scalable models…